Different Types of Bicycles

Bicycles are the cheapest source of transportation. It was introduced in 19th century. According to recent research, bicycles are now double in numbers as compared to automobiles. The principal use of bicycle is transportation. It is also used for other purposes such as recreation, children’s toys, fitness, courier services, bicycle racing, etc.

Bicycle was first created in 1885. Since then a lot of amendments have been made in the shape. Its shape is improving day by day. Now we can find vast variety of bicycles around us. Some of its types widely used are discussed below:

Road Bicycles:

Road bicycle is the most common type of bicycle used all over the world. This bicycle became famous in 1970s. It is designed for the purpose of transportation especially. It consists of a very light frame, curved handlebars which is dropped downwards, narrow seat and very thin wheels. Due to its light body it has less air resistance. Its thin tires have less road friction. It is ideal for the speed of 15 to 20 MPH. Output of this bicycle is maximizes with very less efforts made by the rider. This bicycle is very famous because of its efficient performance and durability. With the passage of time technology is improving its design gradually for the purpose of maximum comforts for riders.

Mountain Bicycles: 

Mountain Bicycles became famous in 1980s It is mostly manufactured in Japan and China and Australia. This bicycle is designed for the purpose of riding on gravel and hiking trails and all those areas on which it is not possible to travel on road bicycles.

Wide tires with flexible and strong shocks absorb bumps up to maximum effect. It has 15 gears. Its low gears made paddling up the hill very light and easy.

Handlebars are positioned up which put rider upright and as a result less strain on his back. Its design has improved a great deal but concept of fat tires; low gears and upright position of handlebars remain unchanged.

Hybrid Bicycle: 

Mountain bicycles despite its comfort and reliability are slightly heavy and slow on pavements. To solve this issue hybrid bicycles were introduced in late 1980s. This bicycle was designed especially by keeping in mind that it should be equally good on roads and off-roads as well. It has a combination of features that existed both in road bicycles and mountain bicycles. It has flat upright handlebars similar to mountain bicycles but narrow tires copied form road bicycle. As similar to mountain bicycles, it also has wide range of gears mostly high gears which make riding easily in streets. It doesn’t have a strong body but it is faster than mountain bicycles and also more comfortable than road bicycles.

Recumbent Bicycles: 

This bicycle seems to be strange in appearance. It has a big seat. Paddles are in front of the seat in contrast to others bicycles in which paddles are down beneath the seat. The rider has to stretch his legs in front of him to paddle this bicycle. Recumbent bicycles are introduced with so many variations. Such bicycles are also fast and comfortable. These bicycles are more expensive as compared to other bicycles. It is heavier and has a complicated design.

Tandem Bicycles:

Tandem bicycle is made for two persons. It has two seats. The person in front is called CAPTAIN. Captain paddles, operates the brakes, shift the gears and steers the bicycle. The person sitting at the back is called STOKER. His duty is to paddle the bicycle only. Tandem bicycles are expensive and not easy to drive. It has a complicated design. This type of bicycle is a modern creation and more popular than single bicycles. It is now widely used in European countries.