The trek cycles, Trek bicycle review- An all rounder road bike:

The brand Trek has arrived in bicycle industry just few decades ago but nowadays its stands out as the world most popular bicycle manufacturer. It is equally famous and entertains both the beginners as well as skilled professionals.

There are many reasons behind that sustainable fame through out the .Every line of their road bike is unique in its looks and exclusively designed. But when it comes to bicycle many other factors have to be considered before buying a single vehicle.

One of the biggest things known about the Trek is their bench marking approach. You will see a clear proof of their research in metallurgy in their frames and aerodynamically designed road bikes. The brand amazed the road bike lovers with the lightest bikes along with the strength and durability. This review is taking Trek Soho S as an example to elaborate the amazing features, pros and cons for Trek mountain bikes.

Quick Highlights:

Frame: Neat look with a great finish and embellished with lots of luggage handling options

Fork: Fork is designed to provide ultimate comfort with speed

Handling: stoop bars and delicate handling make a best combination for urban bike

Equipments: combination and contact points of hub gears and belt is brilliant

Braking: it is the good but sometime feel substandard

Wheeling: great tires with tough rims make it perfect for weary teary surfaces

Elaborating Features:

Dapper Framework:

Trek bike is made up of Gates belt with Shimon’s eight speed gear. Brakes are from Nexave and the contact points are from Bontrager. Bike is covered with color mudguards and belt cover for your safety. The frame is completely made up of Alpha aluminum that is the best quality aluminum from Trek used in bicycle manufacturing. The weight of Soho S is just 30 pounds but still you get desired speed with 32 mm tires and 700 C wheels.

Voyage control:

In Soho you will find the company’s signature that is a unique look. It is different from traditional bikes in a way that it provide a flatter riding position rather then back up and beg position. It design seems to be the fusion of traditional town rider style and mountain riding bike. This innovation in design results in a bike that is great for any voyage.

Ride with a comfort:

Another outstanding feature of Soho S is comfort cushioning of its seating. It provides an ultimate comfort even in a longer ride. It is so relaxing that you don’t have to wear padded shorts for the riding on Soho. The ergonomic grips and aforementioned bars are added on to that comfort ride.

Trek bicycle Strengths:

The positives about Trek Soho S are:

Relaxing framework for long distance rides

Desired gear choice with single paddle

Dual Pivot

Effective calliper brakes

Low maintenance

Very durable wheels

Tires are nearly bullet proof

Trek bicycle Weakness:

The Lowlights about Trek Soho S are:

The breaks are the weakest point of Soho S.

Strong frame but the aluminum used are substandard and under go a lot of vibration

Chain bumps up meeting any pat hole on the road

Bottom line:

Aside from small issues like brakes Trek is the most comfortable bike to commute around the town. While riding this bike, you never feel that you are leaning over the bike. The design is perfect to provide absolute comfort during your voyage. The tires and wheels have amazing durability.

Buy it: if you want a bike for every day urban ride and commuting around the town to enjoy your spring and winters.

Don’t Buy it: if you are interested in heavy climbing or looking for a mountain bike try another lines of Trek. Soho S might not be a better option for this purpose.