Specialized Tricross bike review:

Specialized is one of the leading manufactures of road bicycles in USA. The brand not only popular for its innovative bicycles but also excel in bike parts and bicycle accessories.

The company is serving the industry for more then three decades and sustains its name over these past years. The reason behind this long journey of success is made possible with providing absolute quality with ultimate customer satisfaction.

The bench marking towards providing the latest technology embellished bikes with comfort and safety made the brand popular in both armature riders as well as professional road racers.

Specialized road bikes offer a lot of different bicycle models. Each of them is designed for entirely different purpose and hence the brand caters the needs of every interested group. These bikes fall under four main categories:

  • Road bikes: meant for urban rides for every day use

  • Mountain bikes: Designed for weary teary surfaces like hills and spikes.

  • Comfort bikes: For a smooth comfortable ride and commuting around the town.

  • Hybrid bikes: Customized for the user own needs like women and kids bikes. In this you will find the fusion of mountain and road bike.

Overview of Tricross road bike: 

The model going to be reviewed in this post is Specialized Tricross Road bike. It is more then just a road bike. It is sometimes called a versatile machine as many applications can be added to this vehicle. It is a perfect street bike that can sweep well through dirty road and ideal for cyclo-cross race.


  • High quality aluminum frame with double butt and free road geometry

  • Smoothly weld chassis

  • Internal cable routing

  • Low rider rack with fender mounts keep balance well

  • Alex 32 holes fast rolling rims

  • CX sport wide tires for smooth sweep over road dirt

  • Side knobs for off road ride

  • Four-positioned adjustable alloy with 31.8mm bar

  • Ergonomic positioning with H2 Ergo bar

  • Secondary Tricross brakes lever and bell mount

  • Unmissed critical shift with Shimano 2300 shifters



This specialized bike is created with perfect look. Smooth alloy finishing with a paint look like scratches give this road bike a different look. This sort of finishing allows you to ride hard through the streets and the scratches merge in that paint look.

Frame and fork:

Bike ride very smoothly with carbon seat stays along with aluminum frame. The frame is quite absorbing to jerks while riding. Even with high pressure of 25 mm it runs out very well. For the people who are concerned with the durability of carbon chassis the product provide life time warranty.


You will find very relaxed geometry in Tricross as compared to other cyclocorss bikes. It is meant to build for an upright position. Wheels are very classy although not meant for hilly areas but with an advance their option you can have a hiking trip wit same geometry and component.


It is a very light weight road bike with spaces for different mounts and applications. Ideal for smooth ride, dirty street races and on-off rode voyage. You can add different racks and fenders with it. The fenders mount can keep the street water off from you. It is versatile enough to have trials on pavements.


There are some issues with shifting. The rear derail get chatty after a long ride and it needs sometime to readjust it. There are some issues of over lapping of front tires. The bike ride witness a bit noisy after a voyage.


Overall conclusion for the Specialized Tricross bike is that it is perfect for rough roads and dirty streets. IF you want a bike for your debut experience of biking then this is no doubt a perfect bike for you. For beginners it is best debut bike it could be an affordable way of entering cycling sports. For every day use and commuting around it has lot of options for add on.