Fixie Design:

Here I will show you how to transform a old road bike into a lovely Fixie!

You do not need to do a fixie design to get started, you can do it on the go!

It is not really difficult to make a bike like this one and it can save you a lot of money, as buy a new fixie is a bit expensive, here i will explain step by step how you can make your own fixie and enjoying wile you design it and building it. hope you enjoy!


Get a cheap old racing bike:

You can buy a old racing bike for about 30£ on ebay, or you may be have already an old bike to use.

May be you have that old Bicycle on the garage And you stop using it because looks old or whatever reason.


Anyway It is not difficult to find an old road bicycle. some people even give it away to get rid of then.


  Disassemble everything:

The first thing you will have to do is to disassenble every part on the bike.

It does not have mayor complications, as you only have to take screws away!

A good thing if you never disassemble a bicycle before is to pay extra attention on how you disassemble so you can put everything together the same way.

Here you will need some tools, You can buy a set of tools for bikes in any bike shop. In Some of then you can order online.

Set up to paint:

Before you paint you will need to remove the old paint, so the new paint grab better on the frame.

there is a few different paint removers on the market, I am not going to talk in deep about that as you can ask on the shop for recommendations.

To paint you will need a place where you can leave the bike for about a week, as you will need to paint a few layers to get a good finish paint.

The place should be a place clean and with no dust, because the dust could stick on the paint very easy.

Put some plastics around so you do not paint everything, as the paint expread very easy.

Hold the bike frame and any parts you want to paint, and hold it from a place where does not need to be painted.

Choose the right paint:


Well, is not much to say about paint.

you will have to decide wich colour you want to use first.

then you will need to buy a primer as well to paint first, so the paint is more consistent.

The primer has to be related with the colour you are going to use.

If you are not sure grey primer is the best as this is a mediun tone.




 Put a primer:



It is very important to put a few layers of prime so the paint will hold 

stronger on the frame.

Also you should leave dry the layers in between each time you paint.






It is also very important to put a few layers of paint so the paint will hold 

stronger on the frame and will be more consistent.

Also you should leave dry the layers in between each time you paint.



The right Grease: 



 There are special types of grease for bikes but there are a bit more expensive.

So if you are in a budget any multi-purpose grease will do the job.



 Very important put Grease were is needed:



As you can see in the pictures above and below.

Every moving part in the bike need to be filed with grease.



The chain ring:



Make sure when you mount the chain ring that is alinieted with 

the fixed gear.




 Mount the chain:

The handlebar:



 I used the handlebar from the racing bike! 

Just turned up side down and cut the ends.

really easy and looks very professional!




 The brakes:



Very important before start riding make sure the brakes are fully working!

and regulated accordantly.









 Keeping records:



keeping records is fun!

Happy ridding!




Ready to go!!



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