Cycle maintenance and repair in a nutshell:

Are you frustrated with carrying your bike every week for maintenance or repair? You know that basic Cycle maintenance can be done easily in your own back yard or garage. You can save your money as well as your time that you pull out to bring your bicycle to the mechanic and sit beside to wait for the job done.

It could be a fun activity and you will really enjoy it and know your bicycle well. Keeping the machine in your own hand and knowing it well might extend the working life of it.

This article guides you how to do the basic Bicycle maintenance and quick repairs at your home? The procedure could be simple if you follow few important tips mentioned in this post. Doing it on regular basis can improve your bike performance and reduces the periodic visits to your bicycle shop.

SIMPLE STEPS FOR Bicycle maintenance:

  • Chain cleanliness and lubrication:

The lubrication of chain and sprockets of the bicycle is the main step of your Bicycle maintenance .It allows smooth paddling while riding. Therefore, it is very important to clean the chain and remove dust and garbage out of it, because a dirty chain can wear out your bike more rapidly. Lubricate the chain with light weight oil rather then motor oil as it is bit heavier. Replace your chain after 1000 miles it is not much expensive.

  • Regular inspection of Break pads:

This part is very important because efficiency and grip of these pads can affect the ride immensely. Any damage to these pads can lead to extensive bicycle repair. To avoid it check break pads as a part of your weekly Bicycle maintenance.You can do this by settling your vehicle at maintenance pad and use knife to scrap of any garbage between the pads. Then check the alignment of the pads. They should hit the rim firmly on pressing brakes.

  • Checking air pressure:

This step seems to be the easiest one but it requires extensive overlook and care. You have to check your tire for rim protection, for extended tire life, smooth paddling and for reducing the probability of flat tire. Always equipped with a complete flat tire kit and keep it with your while commuting.

  • Lubricate metal parts:

Lubrication of chain is not enough you have to watch out for other metal parts like brakes and derailleur. This will prevent your cycle from dust and other garbage adherence that can affect the speed of your bicycle. You must also lubricate small parts called pivot points. These points are very important for effective brakes and smooth paddling.

  • Cables tightening and handle bar repair:

Brake shifters and cables get loose with time. While doing Bicycle maintenance it is very important to tight this stuff. Check the handle bar tape for wear and tear. You can use electric tape for that job. A duct tape is also available in the market in many different colours. Clean the tape well as dirt fill in the lines with sweating and dust.

  • Washing your bicycle:

Try to wash your bicycle once in week. Cleaning a bicycle with water can finish the overall look of your service. But keep in mind that excessive use of water can cause the rusting of different metal parts.

Your goal

Now it’s your job is to put all these useful tips on test right away. This simple Bicycle maintenance   can make a big difference in you bike performance. This basic repair can be done easily at your home with basic tools and apparatus. A regular maintenance and check can save your vehicle from severe damage. You can do it with your family as a fun activity at your weekend.