Cannondale bicycle review – Innovation to perfection:

If you are bike or bicycle fan like me then you must be familiar with the name of Cannondale. It is one of the top most manufacturers of bicycle around the world. This company’s bicycles are known for their innovative designs, attractive features and high- performance.

The brand has been in the industry from several years and still bracing in the market very well. The reason behind is the determined stalk of satisfying their customers with quality products molded into innovative design.

 Cannondale bicycles are developed to create latest needs of modernization. You will find latest collections of aluminum frame bikes that meet the standards of any latest road bicycle. The newer line of the brand focused on a single goal that is providing an ultimate light weight bicycle ride with stiffness and comfort. The conclusive relaxation is achieved by the use of Optima SI and butted seat stays made up of hourglass.

Cannondale bicycle Features:

This review is going to highlight the features of Cannondale bicycle in general and focusing on latest bicycles line of the company named as Quick series. It is company’s one of the latest and outstanding product. All bikes posses farthest lateral rigidity and amazing thing is they are still light weight and comfortable for the cyclist. As an example of perfect bicycle of the brand we are presenting the review of Quick 2.

  • Highlighting features:

  • Aluminum Hydro formed frame alloy with carbon seat helps in more manageable ride.

  • Carbon only seat for bank support

  • Carbon 1 and 2 for ultimate compliance ride

  • Fork is made up of carbon ultra X to complement the frame

  • Rack is very snappy and responsive

  • Handle is embellished with comfortable flat bars and sensitive grips

  • Geometry is upright to lower the heart rate of a racer

  • Solid 105 level build

  • Compatible with the industry standards of BB30 shell

  • Increase stiffness and light weight

  • Whole bike weight amazingly up to 8.73 Kg

  • SRAM X-7/X-5 drive-train

  • Tektro V-brakes

  • Internal fitting of the top-tube cable for clean look

  • Embellished with Kenda tires for long distance

  • Inner pull breaks with 27 speed Shimano drive train

  • Three fingers levers for easy slowdown

Cannondale bicycle PROS:

Cannondale is a perfect for long distance comfortable ride, for local fun and on or off the road. Due to light weight it has hard pedal which provide ultimate comfort while riding. It is an Ideal bicycle for three-spoke pattern. The Quick series is not only speedy but it is also quick in handling. If you want to have a start-stop ride then the bike also entrain you with digital 5 brakes along with the disc mount brake. It is the most recommended road bike for urban ride and inclines shallows.

Cannondale bicycle Cons:

The only disadvantage that is associated with Cannondale road bikes is their high prices. They are bit expensive as compare to other bicycle brands. The reason is obvious the quality and innovation always priced high. You can go for quick x5 for bit lower rates. If you want to ride from terrines, Rocky Mountains, wear and tear surfaces etc. then Quick 2 is not the right choice for you. It’s better to go for other lines with heavy tires.

Cannondale bicycle Review:

After reviewing the strength and weakness of the bike I can conclude that Cannondale Quick 2 is an amazing addition to the latest bicycles around the world. The innovation merged with latest technology creates that lightest weight road bike with ultimate comfort and quick handling. It is no doubt a stable bike yet it is bit sprightly and nimble. The carbon forks help in absorbing the jerks on the road. The carbon seating is very comfortable and perfect for long rides. The gears are perfectly designed for mounting the inclines. Over all it is the best road bike that you can have for your comfortable urban ride.