Brompton Folding Bike

Storability, portability, compactness:

Not characteristics you might associate with a bicycle;
but the Brompton is different. It’s a full-sized bike that folds easily into a highly compact, portable package.

The practicality built into elements like the Brompton’s solid hinges, robust finish and unique luggage system are the product of an engineering heritage and a passion for cycling.
Freedom and independence:

Everything on a Brompton is designed to make it easy to fold, handy to carry and fun to ride… leaving you to revel in the spontaneity and  freedom that comes with a Brompton.
You’ll love its agile handling, fast acceleration and comfortable ride; you’ll appreciate how easily you can carry your kit; above all, you’ll value the flexibility of a bike that tears up the transport rule book and puts you in charge of your journey.

Personal transport
From the city commuter to the round-the-world cyclist, from those in a hurry to those with time on their hands, the  Brompton is the personal transport solution, wherever you go. It allows you to rethink, vary and adapt your
journeys at will; a Brompton sets you free from the constraints imposed by the combustion engine, the weather, transport administrators, bike thieves and other layers of complexity.

On trains and buses it tucks neatly into luggage space (it is welcome on practically all public transport)… even if it won’t fit as hand luggage in most aircraft, it can easily be checked in; and it’s great to ride off at the other end… in cars, on yachts, behind the pilot’s seat of a single-prop and on narrow boats, Bromptons are taken on trips as frequently as they take their owners on journeys.
And at journey’s end, your Brompton fits in a cupboard, under a desk or in a cloakroom, safe from theft and ready for your next journey by personal transport.

About the design
Finely-engineered and elegant, the Brompton has a full-sized  frame, made mainly of high-tensile steel alloys for strength  and stiffness. The combination of a rigid frame and accurate alignment makes for efficient transmission of your energy, delivering a lively, first-rate ride. There are various models, but all share the ingenious Brompton frame geometry and fold into the same small package, little larger than the wheels. Rear suspension is standard, and this also allows instant ‘parking’ of the bike,  a useful feature and the first step in folding. Actual weight  depends on model and configuration, but ranges from just  under 9kg – 121⁄2 kg (20 – 28lbs).

Folding or unfolding is simple and takes ten to twenty seconds. Once parked, the Brompton stands on its own, leaving both hands free. Once folded, a Brompton automatically stays securely locked together – reassuring when running for a train or handing it to a cloakroom attendant!
Much of the componentry has been specially designed to suit the Brompton’s folding. There are no projections or loose
 parts and, using the frame or saddle as a handle, the folded bike carries like a small suitcase, lightweight and easy
to manage. The fold is designed to keep vulnerable parts, like lights and cable-runs, out of harm’s way and, by folding them in, to keep  the greasy chain and gears away from clothing and luggage. Rollers underneath make it easy to stow the bike in difficult corners and can also be used for wheeling the folded bike. The Brompton is the only bike in the world to combine such portability with a first-class ride.

For those looking for further weight savings, each key model can be built to a superlight specification, with front forks, rear frame, seat pillar and other smaller features made out of high-strength titanium alloy. Superlight key models also come with a lightweight Vitesse saddle and are about a kilo lighter: a striking saving when carrying a Brompton regularly.

What are you waiting for? are you getting a Brompton Folding Bike any-time soon…