How to avoid Bicycle thieves

A cycling enthusiast would do anything to save himself from bicycle thieves. No one likes to find out that someone just stole his or her two-wheeled companion. The pain and frustration, which comes with finding another ride to get to the office or home, after your bike has just been stolen, is not the kind of mindset you would like to be.

There is no 100% foolproof ways to save yourself from bicycle thieves, but following the provided instructions would certainly increase your chances. 

Locking Basics

Lock the bike to a pole or secure object. Park it in front of an area, which is not dark and gloomy. A sure way to protect the bike from bicycle thieves is to lock it close to other bikes, which are certainly more expensive than the one you own.

Using Wire Lock

Use a steel lock, or a wire lock. When parking the bike on the street, make sure it is locked to a post or pole through which it cannot be lifted over – a good example would be the parking meter.

Leave minimum space

Having just a little space between the U shaped steel or wire lock would decrease the chances of bicycle thieves to break it with a saw.

Keep it off the ground

The more leverage a thief gets, the more probable would be the chance of him smashing the lock with a sledgehammer. Try to keep the lock off the ground to make it harder for the crooks to use a hammer on it effectively.

Keyhole Positioning

The keyhole of the wire lock or the U shaped steel lock should be facing the ground. If the keyhole is not an easy to manipulate position, it would certainly make it harder for the thief to do a lock-picking maneuver on it.

Quick Release Benefit

Another important tip, which would come forward as helpful, if you were to protect yourself from bicycle thieves, is to buy a bike with a quick- release front wheel. Bikes with a quick-release front wheel allow you to remove it from the bike, and lock it with the frame separately. The thief would probably leave your bike alone, as he would have to assemble it after taking care of the lock.

Remove the bike seat

If the bike seat is expensive, it would be better off, if you would remove it, or take it with you. It is a hassle to care for the seat, but it makes almost impossible for the bicycle thieves to steal a bike with no seat or padding.

Register the Bicycle

The National Bike Registry of the United States allows you to acquire a driver’s license number for your bike. The state’s initials will also be engraved on the bike, as these will help the police to identify it. This can be done by visiting the local police department.

Buy a Used Bike

In the case that you live in an area where bike theft cases are fairly common, in order to save yourself the frustration to worry about bicycle thieves buy a second hand bike. A used bike will not only cost less, but is also less prone to be stolen.

Avoid Counterfeit Methods

Do not lock your bike to a chain-linked fence, as it is easy breakable. Try not to use cable locks, as they too can be broken with a saw. Your best way to avoid bicycle thieves would be to opt for a U shaped steel lock.

Lock your Bike at home

Even if the bike is parked in the garage, it must be locked properly, as unlocked garages are one of the most probable places where bikes are stolen at night. During the daytime, lock the bike when at the parking area of a school or college to keep it safe from bicycle thieves.