Bicycle Security: do not lose it, lock it!

There are three simple ways of cutting the risk of bike theft:

A good lock.

Using it effectively.

Choosing the right location.

Always lock your bike and remove lights and panniers.

Almost 400,000 bikes are stolen every year in  England and wales, so taking precautions will help keep your bike safe.

Invest in a strong lock. Some locks are stronger than others and price influences their quality. d-locks are sturdy, and cable locks are useful to secure any parts of the bike which are quick release such as the saddle or front wheel.

Think: location, location, location. where you lock your bike is critical. leave it on a well lift and busy street so any potential thieves are conspicuous.

Home insurance policies can often easily be extended to include your bike when it is at home. take a photo of the bike and write down the frame number.

Bike insurance policies are available and cover your bike when you are out and about.


  • Replace quick releases with regular bolts to make them more secure.
  • Never leave home without your lock!

Get a bicycle insurance today and do not worry about the security of your bike any more!