A complete guide to simple bicycle commuting:

Have you ever considered your two wheel vehicle as your basic and fun transportation tool? Nowadays bicycle commuting is a better option to lower down the fuel expenses on your pocket and extra calories from your body.

Many people are now great advocate of commuting a bicycle. The reasons might be eco friendly, health friendly or pocket friendly.

Bicycle manufacturing is nowadays established as a full fledged industry. 


You will get bicycles with latest technologies and amazing features with uncountable designs and add on. But if you are considering one for commuting it is advised to be as simple as you can. This post will guide you to a simplify bicycle commuting and how to get maximum benefits out of it.


Benedictions of simplifying:


If you consider bicycle commuting as your daily routine it can help you out in many small ways and creating big difference.


  • Increases Mobility: A simplified bicycle for commuting purpose increases your mobility. You don’t have excuses in the morning for traffic jams, fuel lack and don’t have to wait for the public bus for your office or school.

  • Save time and money: If your office is just few miles away a habit of commuting can serve as your basic transportation. If you get a ride in the morning for few kilometers you don’t have to pull out time for fitness workout.

  • Relaxation source: Bicycle commuting is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Get out on your bike in spring or winters to enjoy the weather. You can enjoy the ride with your spouse or plan a family time with your kids.


You will get all these benefits with a simple traditional bike .You don’t need expensive embellishments with it. The simpler your bike is the more relax your commuting will be.


How make your commuting simple and effective:


There are a lot of ways to simplifying your bicycle for commuting purpose. There are following tips mention in this article which can make big difference in your bicycle commuting.


  • Take a simple traditional bike:Always get a bicycle that is simple in operating as well as maintenance. If you can afford investing some money in to it you can go for one that is specifically made for commuting purpose. Automatic bikes with lots of technical embellishment take expensive maintenance.

  • Regular Watch out: Pass your bike through a quick check before every ride. You have to look out for tire pressure, tightness and fasting of quick releases, breaks power, chain stiffness before going on bicycle commuting.

  • Check your bike once in a week: The tuning of a simple bike is even simpler. You just have to maintain your bike on weekly basis. Regular use might cause wear and tear therefore weekly checking is necessary to catch the problem as quicker as possible.

  • Flat repair kit: Prepare a kit for flat tire repair including saddle bag, tube, levers, patch kit, air pump and wrenches and keep it with your vehicle every time.

  • Pack well before the voyage: You must be well planed and well equip before your any bike ride. Always put an extra pair of shoes, cloths, some wipes at your second place like school cupboard or office. Keep helmet and water bottle.

  • Plan your route: you have to plan your route before any voyage. You must be well aware with short cuts and link roads in case of rush and traffic jams. There are several ways to do that like one of them is using goggle map.

  • Weather check: it is very important to check the weather a night before and prepare your self according to that.


Now you are armed up with all the necessary information required for bicycle commuting. If you keep these small things in your mind you can get the maximum benefits without putting extra efforts, time or money. You can do your important works. Now what stopping you from adding this healthy habit in your lifestyle? It will benefit yourself and your environment both at the same time.