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Blueseventy Sprint Fullsuit Wetsuit No Colour

The Blueseventy Sprint Full Suit Wetsuit is perfect for beginners looking for a great starting point or for experienced veterans who want a great suit which won’t break the bank. For 2015 Blueseventy moved seam lines, added buoyancy, improved flexibility, the result is a suit that sets the standard for how a dedicated athlete’s first...View more

Orca Orca Equip Full Sleeve Wetsuit Black

The Orca Equip Wetsuit offers the most flexible entry-level open water swimming suit to help you transition from pool swimming to open water as smoothly as possible. A superior lining in the 2mm arms and shoulders allows range of motion and flexibility previously only associated with intermediate level wetsuits, pair this with a full Yamamoto...View more

Orca Women’s Equip Full Sleeve Wetsuit Black

Perfect for those who are transitioning from the pool to open water, the Orca Women’s Equip Full Sleeve Wetsuit is packed with plenty of high end features specifically picked to give you maximum efficiency and freedom of movement in the water. With Smooth Skin Neoprene panels adding buoyancy and a multi stretch lining for improved...View more

Blueseventy Women’s Helix Fullsuit Wetsuit No Colour

The Blueseventy Womens Helix Full Suit Wetsuit is now in its fifth generation and better than ever to deliver the ultimate swimming experience. Blueseventy meticulously sourced materials sourced materials, experimented with panel construction and swam in prototype after prototype to finally achieve their most flexible and comfortable wetsuit yet. Featuring Proprietary TST panels for unparalleled...View more